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Watching the News – Tuesday October 30th

I’ve been at it again – watching the news and of course it has been a crazy news day.

Things I saw:

1. Fires in Queens. (I am so glad the people had been evacuated!)

2. NJ flooding and sand everywhere.

3. NYC tunnel & subway flooded.

4. Oil tanker run up on the beach.

5. A lot of snow in West VA. (It looked so pretty and I am sure the ski resorts are happy about it.)

6. Flooding along the Potomac River.

7. Big waves crashing on Lake Erie.

8. Lots of cancelled flights and a picture of the flooded airport from Jet Blue:

Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 7.36.56 PM

9. Trees on houses in so many places!

10. A rescue caught on film.


I hope as the sun sets again all are safe, warm, and fed.