I “Heart” Pets – Thursday April 26

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Pet Love

The pets that made their way into my heart over the years…


1. Stray Cats –
we lived in a city for several years when I was a little girl. I had a habit of bringing home random cats. Some of the cats were strays and some were being given away by people in the neighborhood. (I'd tell my mom they followed me home. I didn't lie exactly. I'd put them on the side walk and get them to follow me.) My Dad grew up on a farm and didn't believe in "indoor" pets. Most of the cats had to live outside; but, they hung around because I fed them.

2. Mariah – The best german shepherd mix dog ever. Mariah came to stay with us when we moved to the country. He was a great protector. He was the first pet my mom took to a vet – after he was run over by a car. He had a full recovery. 

3. Spunker – A rabbit given to me by a friend. I often let Spunker out of his cage to eat grass (with a collar and a long leash tied to a post.)  One day I left Spunker alone for a little while. When I came back the neighbors dog had Spunker's head hanging out of his mouth… I was traumatized and I hated that dog.

4. Angora Rabbit – Okay, so may be I can't remember her name; but, I was still getting over the tragedy of Spunker when my mom bought me this adorable really fuzzy rabbit.

Angora Rabbit wb

5. Shalimar – a "fancy feast" (shaded silver) persian – Kevin and I's first pet.

6. Cassie – our current pet – also a shaded silver persian. Cassie was born on my 30th birthday. Once I saw her I couldn't leave her at the pet store.  

Screen shot 2012-04-19 at 10.04.55 PM

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