Being Present – Friday, April 27

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter


present 1 |ˈprezənt|
1 [ predic. ] (of a person) in a particular place : a doctor must be present at the ringside | the speech caused embarrassment to all those present.
• (often present in) (of a thing) existing or occurring in a place or thing : organic molecules are present in comets.
2 [ attrib. ] existing or occurring now : she did not expect to find herself in her present situation.
• now being considered or discussed : the present article cannot answer every question.
• Grammar (of a tense or participle) expressing an action now going on or habitually performed or a condition now existing.


Combine the above two definitions for present and I guess it would mean "occurring now, in a particular place."

In the present I am…

1. Sitting in my office on a comfortable "office type" chair that Kevin bought for me several years ago (for my birthday.)

2. I am thinking "way to make a girl swoon – buy her a birthday gift that is tax deductible!" LOL. (A few years later I bought him chairs for his office for Father's Day.)

3. I can hear birds chirping outside my window over the hum of my computer. (The kids are still sound asleep.)

4. I can see an Ansel Adams calendar hanging on the wall beside my computer. (One of my traditional Christmas gifts – I have always loved his work.)

5. My glasses are sitting on the desk because I don't need them to see the monitor clearly.

6. I am writing this blog post and preparing to click the SAVE button (after I hit the spell check!). 🙂


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