oh my word “Distance” – Wednesday April 25

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists., OH MY WORD!



What comes to mind when I think of the word DISTANCE:

1. From the Disney version of Hercules I loved listening to Michael Bolton sing  "Go the DISTANCE."
It's a wonderful "set a goal" and "keep going until you get there" kind of song.

2. Coast to Coast – The DISTANCE between me and my family. In 1991 Kevin and I moved from my home on the West Coast to his home on the East Coast. 

3. Long DISTANCE phone calls. I got in trouble with Kevin a lot (for huge phone bills) back in the days when we had to pay per minute for long distance calls.

4. Things I'd like to keep at a DISTANCE: Skunks (and anything that smells bad), Spiders (and other creepy crawlers), germs & viruses (Who likes to be sick?).



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