Childhood Memories, Second Grade

Tami PotterChildhood Memories, Life.In.Lists.

What do you remember about 2nd grade? 

What do you remember about your 2nd Grade teacher?

Was he/she fun or stern?

Did you like to read? Do you remember the books you read?

Did you like Math?

Did you discover any talents you had or activities you enjoyed?

Were you involved in any school programs or plays?

What I remember about SECOND GRADE:

1. I loved my second grade teacher (Mrs. Bickle).

2. Mrs. Bickle was kind (She didn’t yell at me – or the other children, not even the boys who seemed to always be getting into trouble.) She was great at encouraging us to do our best.

3. I quickly finished reading a “King on a Swing” and “Six Ducks in a Pond” before reading “The Purple Turtle.”

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4. I finished our regular math book and began working in a supplementary work book. (I think that may have been the only year I felt like I was good at Math.)

5.  Mrs. Davenport (the other second grade teacher) encouraged us to read the newspaper (she gave us assignments to read and report on things we found in the newspaper.) She also taught us how to properly say our numbers (we were not supposed to say “and” where there was a comma –  ie 1,900 – was not “one thousand AND nine hundred” – it was “one thousand nine hundred”.)

6. Second grade is the year I discovered my love and talent for drawing/art. (Mrs. Bickle gave us plenty of time to draw.)