CraZy RandOm LiFe – Why Do I ? – Saturday, July 14

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


When I was in high school my gym teacher had a poster in her office with a list. At the top of the list the title said "Why Do I Run." I am not sure why I remember this random bit of information; but, every once in awhile that poster pops into my head. Today that memory got me thinking, if I had a poster what would it say? Why Do I __________?


Why Do I Keep Journals and Make scrapbooks?

1. My Lost Childhood – I have always wished there was more to help me remember my childhood years. (Now, I preserve for my children – so they can remember their childhood.)

2. My Lost Family History – I never knew my grandparents and I don't have anything to help me know who there were. (I preserve for my grandchildren and great grandchildren…)

3. Faded Memories – I have come to realize how easy it is to forget – even the things I never thought I would. (I preserve for Myself – because it makes me happy to look back and remember and to see how much we've grown and changed over the years.)

4. Perspective – my experience with lack of preservation, and my experience with the joys of keeping a personal/family history, give me a desire to encourage others to participate. (I preserve to inspire others to do the same.)

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