Childhood Memories, Independance Day

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What are Your Childhood Memories of the 4th of July?

Things my family did to celebrate Independence Day:

1. Pop Its, Smoke Bombs, Firecrackers, and Sparklers – I remember buying stuff from the fireworks stands during the weeks before the 4th of July.

2. Family Picnics with potato salad, deviled eggs, & watermelon (of course there was other food – but these were the things I remember most.)

3. Watching the fireworks. We always went to see fireworks somewhere but the most memorable year was when we went across the bridge to a riverfront park in Vancouver, WA. There was a big event with Native Americans (we called them Indians back then) all dressed up in the native costumes. They had teepees set up and they sang and danced before the fireworks show that evening. The fireworks were set off over the river – it was a beautiful scene.

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