CraZy RandOm LiFe – Have You Ever? Food Edition – Saturday, June 30

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.



Have You Ever…

1. Liked your food so much that you licked your plate?
2. Been hit in the face with a pie?
3. Participated in a food eating contest? (if yes, what kind of food was it?)
4. Been to a pig pickin'?
5. Sneaked food into a movie theater?
6. Gone more than 24 hours without food?
7. Sworn off eating a certain food?
8. "Puffed up" after eating food?
9. Been to an all you can eat buffet in Las Vegas?

10. Burned your mouth (or cleared your nostrils) eating something hot & spicy?



Do any of the above questions bring a story to your mind?


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