Childhood Memories, First Grade – Sunday June 10

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At the beginning of the year I asked you to make a list of the grade school teachers you remembered. At the top my list was Mrs. Sams, my first grade teacher.

What I remember about FIRST GRADE:

1. On my first day of school the first grade teachers took a look at me, how tiny I was, didn't see my name on the list of last years students (I went to private school in K) and said I didn't belong there. I needed to go to the Kindergarten room. I tried to explain that I was a Kindergartner last year, but, off to the office I was sent. I was very upset. I didn't want to be in Kindergarten again! The principal was also skeptical of my story; so, he called my older brother into the office to confirm that yes, I was in fact, a first grader.

2. As I remember it, Mrs. Sams – my first grade teacher – was cranky most of the time; but, she was a woman dedicated to excellence! Mrs. Sams sent all the children to the restroom to wash our hands and then had us all stand in a row for a "hand check" before lunch. One day she sent me, and a few other students, back to the restroom to re-wash our hands before sending us to the lunch room. I didn't appreciate it as a child. I thought she was awfully mean; but, I have to think she was a pretty wonderful teacher for taking the time to make sure the children made it a habit to properly wash before eating.

3. Sometimes, I walked home for lunch (I lived right across the street.) But, one day I decided not to go back to school. (My mother wasn't home – so, I probably shouldn't have been there anyway.) Mrs. Sams came looking for me and took me back to school.

4. Once I came home for lunch and my mom wasn't there; but, she left me a note and a sandwich. On another occasion I came home for lunch – no note, no sandwich (mom must have thought I was eating at school) so, I decided to make myself some tomato soup. It was my first cooking experience. I don't remember if I ate the soup – or got busy playing and forgot about it. I know I didn't turn the stove off before I went back to school and the heavy bottom pot was ruined. (My parents told me I was lucky the house didn't burn down.)

5. In those days we didn't lock our doors during the day; but, after I tried to skip school, and I left the stove on, my mom starting locking the door when she wasn't home.

6. I remember learning to read with books called "Pig in a Jig" and "Hen in a Foxes Den".

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