What’s in your Wallet? ;) – Saturday, March 3

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter


A Look into My Pocket Book

Where I grew up we called them purses or handbags. When I moved to the southeast I learned the term pocket book. I don’t suppose the name really matters  – it’s what’s inside that really counts!

Things found in my pocket book in 2012:

1. Cell phone.

2. Camera.

3. Wallet stuffed with cards (health cards, grocery store card, movie cards, check card…) and sometimes a little cash.

4. Keys.

5. Gum.

6. Lip balm.

7. iPod and headphones.

8. Current Costco Coupons.


Compare your purse contents now to what they were 5+ years ago years ago – what’s changed?

1. I carried a much bigger bag 5 years ago.

2. It was loaded with diapers, toys, blankets, and baby snacks. (Cole was 2.)

3. I used to carry a check book. (Can’t remember exactly what year I retired that thing.)


My regular purse just won’t do when we take the family to the movies; so, I also have a Movie Purse – inside you will find:

1. Old movie ticket stubs.

2. Movie Reward cards

3. Tall Straws – left over from previous movies – never know when you need an extra.

4. Lunch sacks – so we can buy one large popcorn and give each kid their own bag (no fighting over who holds the bucket!)

5. Napkins for wiping butter off of hands.

6. Left over candy.



Do you keep it minimal or do you carry the “kitchen sink in your bag? Do you have a “special occasion” bag? How has your “purse contents changed in the past 5 years? Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.