State it! – Sunday, March 4

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 State Planning

Places I like to go before it's the year 2020."

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1. Alaska and Hawaii – the most western states. Reasons – obvious!

2. Puerto Rico – the most eastern – "some-day-a" state. I want to see the bioluminescent bays (glow in the dark water.)

3. The Southern States I've never been to: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, & Arkansas. I'd like to listen to some good country music while on a road trip in these states.

4. Vermont, the only the northeastern state I haven't been to. I need to have pancakes with maple syrup and look at the colorful leaves with the rest of the tourists.

5. North Dakota – the hardest of the States, as I have yet to find a good excuse to go there, but I can't leave one out!

6. New Mexico – But, do I go to Roswell to see the aliens or Santa Fe to see the art? 🙂


Have you been to all 50 states? Where would you like to go before the year 2020? Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.