Morning Organizing

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My work space can get pretty piled up. When it does, I don’t want to work. So this morning…


1. I got up early (about 5:30 AM) so I could spend time updating Kevin’s business card. (He has been asking me to do this for a few weeks now.)

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 10.22.31 AM

2. I spent time organizing my PaperTiles by popping them out of the sheets and putting them into bins.

PT bins org.

PT bins

3. I also decided it was time to put my markers back into the case – (My kids borrow them and haven’t learned to “put away” so they end up jumbled in a basket.



4. I guess they get some of those bad habits from me because…

Photos in basket

So, I spent some time organizing my “To-Do” photos by subject (I used PaperTiles to separate them in the bin.) *To-do photos are my photos waiting to be made into scrapbook pages.

Photos separated in bin


Still have a lot more to-do today… but that pretty much wraps up my morning to 10 AM.



What did you do this morning?