Journal Prompt – Stacking Up

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Stacking Things UP


About 15+ years ago, I was looking at the shelf where I stored all of our VHS movies. In my head I started adding up the cost of the videos and I thought, “That is a lot of money!” – that made me think, what else could I have purchased using the same $$.)

That brief moment changed me. I didn’t stop buying movies completely; but, recognizing that a lot of little things can add up to a lot of money, I did reconsider all of my purchasing habits.

Things that have quickly STACKED UP at my house…
1. Movies – Now, before a purchase, I ask myself, “Do I (or my kids) really want to watch the movie multiple times?(or can we rent and return it?)

2. Books – Is there a reason to own, or can we check it out from the library? (My kids love going to the library.)

3. Legos – I have yet to master the “limiting of legos” at my house.

4. Stuffed Toys – Thank goodness the Beanie Baby craze died!

5. Scrapbook & Craft Supplies – Also not yet completely under control, but… I have been donating old unused paper, stickers, etc. to school teachers. They love to get them, I am so happy to see them go!

6. Bags & Purses – also not exactly minimal at my house. But we need different bags for different activities. May be I just need a better storage solution! 🙂

What has stacked up at your house?