Oh My Word, MIX – Wednesday, June 20

In Life.In.Lists., OH MY WORD! by Tami Potter


There are lots of memories inside our minds – sometimes we just need a little nudge to coax them out.

What are the first things that come to mind when you READ this:


1. When I was little I used to save my money to buy cat food (Meow Mix) for stray cats I adopted.

2. I have never made a cake from scratch. I always use a cake mix. Sometimes I mix pudding or applesauce in with my cake mix.

3. I love to mix fruit into my salads (especially strawberries and blueberries.)

4. I am sort of a little compulsive about things being in order; so, I don't really like to mix most things up. I've had to learn that I can't expect others to go along with this.

5. I also like to mix things into my pancake batter. Some of my favorites: chocolate chips, coconut & bananas.

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