It’s My Life – I Love… – Tuesday June 19

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Some languages offer many ways to say what the english language lumps into one word – LOVE. So, for those who speak the English language, we can "love" everything from a chocolate chip cookie to the person we marry. May be the simplifying of so many levels of pleasure and admiration is designed to make up for the other complexities of the language – there, their, they're, to, too, two, die, dye, fore, four, for…

The first 10 Things that come to mind when I say "I LOVE…"

1. Kevin.

2. My children and My son-in-law (who makes my daughter happy.)

3. Desserts with chocolate or coconut in them.

4. Flowers – all kinds of flowers.

5. Photography/taking pictures.

6. Writing.

7. Watermelon.

8. Animals – especially baby animals.

9. Going to new places (so I can take pictures of new things.)

10. Disney World.

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