Mosaic Moments – Made from Scraps

Tami PotterMosaic Moments™

 "Mosaic -Made From Scraps- Moment."

I seem to always print a few extra images when I am preparing to make scrapbook pages. The extra photos often end up tucked away in a box somewhere – I can't seem to throw them out. Over time I've collected a lot of random photos.

Having a few sheets of 6×6 Mosaic Moments™ grid paper on hand gave me the opportunity, with very little additional effort, to use my extra photos as well as the paper scraps that would have otherwise gone into the trash.

Arizona Zoo scrapsWB

I have been giving these mini "made from scraps" pages to my children. They display them in their bedrooms. But, for those who have a grandma, I think the mini-pages would make wonderful grandma gifts.

VIEW MY FULL SIZE PAGE on along with my latest list: Things we did at the Zoo.

CHALLENGE: The next time you are creating a full size page make a mini page with the left overs. (share it on or your own blog).


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