Childhood Memories, Mother – Sunday May 13

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Family - Ruth Pregnant wb

A family photo – My mom – pregnant with me, my Dad, my three older siblings, and my grandmother. 


My mom was one of those wonderful mothers.

10 Childhood Memories of my Mother:

1. She seemed to always be in the middle of sewing clothes, quilts, curtains, etc.

2. She baked bread and made wonderful cinnamon rolls.

3. She wore very little eye make up; but, always wore lipstick.

4. She could not resist the candy counter at a department store.

5. She corrected us when we used improper English – we were not allowed to say "ain't."

6. She volunteered at the grade school – working with the children who needed extra help learning to read.

7. She took us out for milkshakes after we had dental appointments.

8. She was a cub scout leader – even after all of her own cub scouts were grown.

9. She enjoyed writing & painting – (she wrote skits, plays, poems and short stories).

10. She liked to wear red things and she loved high heeled shoes.

What memories do you have of your mother when you were a child? Add your list to our comments to be entered in our weekly drawing.