Mosaic Moments Scrapbooking – 6×6 pads part 2

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More about Those Fabulous 6×6 Printed Paper Pads!

Last Monday I talked about how much I like using 6×6 patterned paper and I showed you an 8×8 example. This week, I want to show you a couple new examples – how I use the 6×6 Printed Paper Pads to create 12×12 pages. The same rules still apply (I have a lot of photos, and just a small area for embellishing.) The 6×6 printed paper pads are exactly what I need!

Adelyn patchwork wb

Adelyn patchwork2 wb
"Adelyn's Patchwork"  
Supplies used: Mosaic Moments 12×12 Husk Grid Paper, Mosaic Moments Paper Tiles, Create Paper "Farmhouse" 6×6 Patterned Paper, letters by DoodleBug. 

Screen shot 2012-07-09 at 1.12.11 PMAnother thing I like about the 6×6 pads is the reduced size. Most of the designers shrink the original (12×12 pattern) to fit the 6×6 size pad.  I generally prefer using the smaller patterns.

Inside this Create Paper 6×6 Pad are the cute "ruler strips." (See images above) I cut the 6×6 "ruler" sheet into 1 inch strips and then trimmed to 4.375 inch to fit the grid. Available on – click here.

It would not have worked out as well with the orignial 12×12 size paper, because the ruler pattern would have been wider than 1 inch.

Farmhouse 6×6 pad with 32 designer sheets, and our new Mosaic Moments HUSK grid paper is available on (while supplies last.)

Challenge: Create a 12×12 Mosaic Moments page and embellish with patterned paper. Post your pages on or your blog.

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