Remembering Relatives – Tuesday, April 24

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My last living grand parent passed away when I was 2 years old. I never knew what it was like to have a grandma, but I LOVED…

My Aunt Jane

Aunt Jane-portrait wb

Memories of My Aunt:


1. The paintings – My aunt Jane was a talented artist. We had a couple of her oil paintings that hung prominently in our home. My mom was obviously proud of her sister's talent.

2. Staying at Aunt Jane's house – When my sister and I were young my mom had a stroke and was very sick. My aunt came and got my sister and I and took care of us for awhile to help my mom while she recovered.

3. Aunt Jane's Dog -  Over the years Aunt Jane had a few – but, they all looked the same.

Aunt Jane-vacation wb
My brother holding Aunt Jane's Dog.


4. Vacation with Aunt Jane -  We did take many vacations and this is the only time I remember going on one with Aunt Jane.

Aunt Jane by cabin wb

5. Crawling through Aunt Jane's dog door. Once we went for a walk while we were visiting at Aunt Jane's house. When we got back to her house the door was locked and she didn't have the key. No problem, I was small and skinny.



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