Spring Favorites – Monday, April 23

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Spring Favorites

When I was a little girl I lived across the street from the grade school. There was a row large Kwanzan Cherry trees that my siblings and I used to climb. The trees were especially beautiful in the Spring when they were in bloom.

Tami in Kwanzan Cherry wb


10 of My Favorite things about Spring:

1. My Kwanzan Cherry Tree – because I feel in love with the trees as a little girl I insisted on planted one in our own yard. Someday maybe it will be big enough to climb.

Kwanzan cherry 2012

2. Easter Decorations – I have always had a thing for bunnies, so that may explain why I love Easter Decorating…all of the cute rabbits, duckling, chicks, and the pastel colored eggs, etc. So cute! A friend posted this Easter Tree in Germany on facebook – isn't it amazing? (Over 10k eggs!)

Screen shot 2012-04-19 at 2.47.57 PM
For more than 40 years, the Easter egg enthusiast has been collecting the fragile shells and hanging them on a tree in his Saalfeld, Germany garden. source.

3. Nests & chirping birds – even though they have at times (like when the nest is built in the holly tree right outside my office window) driven me crazy, with their incessant chirping, I love seeing all the little nests filled with eggs and then with baby birds. I am always rooting for their survival – so many don't seem to make it.

4. More light – I love that the days are getting longer.

5. Less cold – and I love that the days are getting warmer.

6. Busch Gardens Opens – I don't spend a lot of time waiting in lines to ride the roller-coasters; but, I love walking around Busch Gardens (the most beautiful theme park) especially in the spring.

7. Watching my flowers poke their way through the ground and prepare to bloom.

8. Strawberry Season – We like to go to the strawberry fields, pick our own strawberries, and make strawberry freezer jam.

9. Muffins in Manchester – for the past several springs I've looked forward to buying muffins at the grocery store in Manchester NH while we are at CKC. (I am going to miss those muffins this year – to stay home for Cole's soccer game. I am sure Kevin will enjoy them.)

10. Spring Soccer – This is the first year I've been able to sign Cole up for soccer and it has quickly become one of my favorite things about spring. It is so much fun to watch him and his little team mates – his coach is great, and they are having a really good season.


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