Crazy Lists! – Saturday, March 24

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter



If you have been keeping up with Life in Lists, congratulations!  Over the past weeks we've listed about:

The Future:

1. The events we are looking forward to.

2. Things we want to make.

3. Self Advice – Do's and Don'ts.

4. Where we "see ourselves" in 5 years.

5. How we prepare.

6. Our Wishes.

7. Plans for Spring.

8. Plans for "Date Night."

9. Things we just don't believe will ever happen (impossibilities.)

10. States we'd ike to visit.


We've discussed "seasonal" events:

1. Things loved about winter.

2. Things missed during winter.

3. Winter Meals.

4. "Hometown" winters.

5. Winter Memories.

6. Love Songs.

7. Valentines "hits and misses."

8. What we know about the US Presidents.

9. What it means to be a Patriot.

10. Good-Bye to winter.


We turned back the clocks when we:

1. Discussed our Pre-school life facts.

2. Remembered those who taught us.

3. Dug into facts about our birth year.

4. Remembered out childhood bedrooms.

5. Remembered the ways we got around as kids.

6. Faced our childhood monsters again!

7. Listed our most romantic memories.

8. Decided if we are city mice or country mice.

9. Remembered our best year of grade school.

10. Remembered Jobs We've had.


We listed a lot of words and phrases:

1. Happy Words.

2. winter words.

3. Relaxation words.

4. Celebration Words.

5. Terms of Endearment.

6. Romantic Lines.

7. ways to say "I love you" – without words.

8. Presidential words.

9. Leaping phrases.

10. Winnie the Pooh (or favorite story) Quotes.


on Thursday's we have been finding our hearts:

1. In the Kitchen.

2. Winter Accessories.

3. shopping.

4. Books.

6. Flavors.

7.  "You."

8. Family.

9. Our jobs.

10. In Nature.


Friday has been a day to record our current lives    :

1. My family – today.

2. Friday the 13th – 13 ways to use chalk (or what is you favorite photo accessory?)

3. Stuff I used today.

4. What I did today.

5. Celebrating Valentine's Day in 2012.

6. What I did this morning.

7. What I did this month (February.)

8. Unpredictable Life.

9. Distractions this week.

10. And another week…


and of course we can't forget about the Crazy Random Saturday Lists

1. What's big in Politics

2. 10 Movies I saw in 2011.

3. Big News lately.

4. I am a fan of…

5. Share a skill.

6. Stacking things up.

7. Crazy Jingles (that are stuck in our heads.)

8. Crazy Gadgets (that we love.)

9. What's in your Wallet?

10. And we were off to see the Wizard – did you pick a heart, a brain or courage?


 Have you created your own lists? or Have you had ideas for additional lists? add your list of list ideas to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.