Groceries – Friday, March 23

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


You know how your husband does something that annoys you – oh say, like leaving a bunch of receipts wadded up on the counter? Then, you decide to do a post about the receipts – but, when you go to collect them, your husband has finally gotten the hint and started throwing them in the trashThat is where this post began. (I did manage to find a few receipts – thankfully, he isn't perfect yet!)


2012 receipts

In March 2012 we paid:

1. $3.11 for a gallon of 2% milk

2. $1.74 a pound for tomatoes

3. $2.49 for a box of Lucky Charms cereal

4. $1.39 for a bunch of bananas

5. $5.79 for a two pack of potato bread

6. $3.99 for a carton of chocolate chip mint ice cream

7. $2.64 for a pound of ground chuck


What do you pay for groceries in your part of the world?  add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.