Journal Prompt: City Mouse or Country Mouse?

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Are you a City Mouse or Country Mouse?

City life or country life, most people seem to prefer one or the other. My guess is, we prefer the one that feels most like home.

My older sister spent her early years in the country. She seems to be very comfortable living in what I’d describe as “the middle of nowhere.” My early childhood was split between city and country. May be that is why I can’t seem to make up my mind which is the best.

My Lists:

Things I loved about living in the City:

1. My best friend lived a couple of blocks away. I walked down the street to play with her just about every day.

2. If we earned money for a treat there was a mini-market within walking distance – just up the block.

3. I often walked home to eat my lunch. (The school was directly across the street from our house.)

4. In the summer my siblings and I walked to see matinees at the movie theater.

5. We also walked to the city pool.


Things I loved about living in the Country:

1. We had a big house with enough bedrooms for everyone.

2. There was a tire swing in our yard. I loved that swing!

3. Our first country house was surrounded by fields – we rented out pasture for horses (I loved the horses.)

4. There were a lot of things to discover in the old barns and around the pond. I was never bored.

5. Our second country house was surrounded by woods with trails for nature walks.