Happiness is…This week – Thursday July 5

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.



Things that made me happy this week:

1. Watching Fireworks at Busch Gardens on Monday – because Kevin couldn't be home on the 4th.

2. Getting the kids year end test results back. Sseeing that Alexis had improved her math score from the previous year. 🙂

3. Picking up Alexis – seeing she was safe – after a week away at Camp and a scary last night away from home. (The camp, located in the middle of the woods, was being hit by a severe storm.)

4. Making Fruit Pizza – we love this stuff. I am not sure why we don't make it more often.

Patriotic fruit pizza

5. The power came back on (We were out for a little over 12 hours – grateful it wasn't longer.)

6. Having a basement to snuggle in when a tornado warning was issued for Williamsburg.

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