Childhood Memories, Third Grade

Tami PotterChildhood Memories, Life.In.Lists.

What do you remember about third grade? 

Do you remember your 3rd Grade teacher?

Was she/he fun or stern?

Do you remember what you studied in the 3rd grade?

Did you play any learning games in your classroom?

Were there any big changes in your third grade year?


What I remember about 3rd grade:

1. I had a substitute teacher, Mrs. Sweeney,  from the first day – she stayed with us for awhile (the regular teacher, Mrs. Flemming, was ill.)

2. Our class liked the Sub better than the regular teacher – there were many comments after she (Mrs. Flemming) finally returned to class (like, “Mrs. Sweeney doesn’t do it like that.” ) Mrs. Flemming was obviously irritated with the comments.

3. We memorized our multiplications. Mrs. Flemming made us play a game where all the children lined up in front of the room. When your turn came if you got the answer right you stayed, if you got the answer wrong you had to sit down.

4. At my elementary school the children were let out at various times. Kindergarten was a half day and the 1st and 2nd graders were let out early. Third grade was the year we moved into the big main building with the older kids (it was 3rd – 8th grade), and we had “full day” school.