Childhood Memories, Fourth Grade

Tami PotterChildhood Memories, Journal Prompts, Life.In.Lists.

What do you remember about fifth grade? 

Do you remember your 4th Grade teacher?

Did you have any big family events in 4th grade?

How did you get to and from school?

Did you make any new friends?

What do you remember about subjects you studied in 4th grade?



What I remember about 4th grade:

1. I started the school year with a mean teacher who would make embarrassing comments about the students to the entire class.

2. Our family moved in January – half way through the school year.

3. I had to ride a big yellow school bus to school for the first time.

4. Being a new student in the middle of the school year was fun – I instantly made lots of new friends.

5. At the new school I had different teachers for different subjects. (I can’t remember my new homeroom teacher.)