Childhood Memories, Fifth Grade

Tami PotterChildhood Memories, Journal Prompts, Life.In.Lists.

What do you remember about fifth grade? 

Do you remember Your 5th Grade teacher?

Was He/She fun or stern?

What was your best or favorite subject in 5th Grade?

Did you go on any field trips?

Do you remember participating in any activities or contests?

Did you play any sports?

Was there something that impacted the way you thought? or the things you did in your life?

My List:

1. I had a male homeroom teacher for the first time in fifth grade.

2. I liked Mr. Morton he was nice to the students and made learning fun.

3. I was a good at spelling in 5th grade and got 100% on my spelling test almost every week. (Sadly that doesn’t apply now – I’ve become dependent on spell check!)

4. We went on a field trip to the Seattle Aquarium. I loved it! My love for animals expanded to include a love for sea life.

5. In October we had a pumpkin carving contest and we were asked to bring a knife with our pumpkin to school (wow, how things have changed!)

6. In the spring we played baseball. All the 5th grade classes were divided up into teams of 9. I was terrible but my brother practiced with me and I got much better.

7. Mr. Morton was at the forefront of the “green” movement – teaching his students to recycle, save water, plant trees…