Memory Prompt – First Five: Autumn Bear September 21

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There are lots of memories inside our minds – sometimes we just need a little nudge to coax them out.

What are the First Five things that come to mind when you see this:


Screen shot 2012-09-03 at 7.03.39 AM
 image source – national geographic


My List:

1. One of my favorite paintings by Bev Doolittle: "Bugged Bear." I have aways loved the detail in this art work. It's amazing.

Screen shot 2012-09-03 at 7.06.35 AM
image source:

2. My daughter was excited (and may be a little frightened) when they had bears visit during her summer camp this year.

3. When Kevin and I lived in Washington many years ago a bear came by our house and "attacked" a cooler we had sitting on our back porch. We heard a noise and wondered what it was. A few minutes later my mother called (she lived on the adjacent property) and with a very excited tone asked, "Did you see that bear!"

4. When I was little my nieces and I used to play a game that included chanting the words "No bears are out tonight, Daddy shot them all last night!"

5. My sister in law taught me about a game she learned in Russia that is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors but it is "Bear, Hunter, Princess." Rules: Players stand back to back. They turn toward each other at the same time – each choosing a pose (either the bear, the hunter or the princess.) The bear wins over the princess. The hunter wins over the bear, and the princess wins over the hunter.

What were the first five "Autumn Bear" thoughts that came
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