Begin with…A Memory Exercise – Friday May 4

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter


I have friends who I can easily chat with on the phone for hours. We start talking and the conversation just continues to flow from one subject to another. Memories can be a lot like conversations they can begin in one place an end in a completely different place.

Try it out:

Begin with… a circular object

… like the roll of packing tape sitting on my shelf.

1. The roll of packing tape reminds me of the time I was walking into Costco (last summer.)

I was wearing a favorite pair of high healed flip flops when the side strap broke. I hobbled my way into the store and straight to the clothing/shoe department hoping they would have a pair of sandals or flip flops I could buy. (Costco has an ever changing inventory – you never really know what you'll find.) I searched the area and then I thought, "Of course not! Not today, because today my shoe broke!"

I continued to hobble hoping for a solution to my dilemma until I saw, on one of the desks, a roll of packing tape! I boldly hobbled over the the desk, picked up the packing tape, tore off a long piece and wrap it around my shoe/foot so I could continue with the important stuff – shopping!

which reminds me…of another time I had to hobble.

2. I asked a very nice guy I'd met in my college English class to the "Preference" dance (Preference was a "girls choice" dance.)

I was very surprised he hadn't all ready been asked and I was excited that he agreed to go with me. A few days before the dance I broke my foot. I called him and explained that I wouldn't be able to take him to the dance after all. (I wanted him to feel free to accept another offer – from someone with two good feet.) He was very sweet and suggested that we all go to a movie together (me, him, and my crutches).

Which reminds me of another Movie Date…

3. My first "official date" with Kevin. When Kevin called to ask me out I was home alone (my roommates had all gone out) and I was tired of studying. I decided I really didn't have anything better to do – he seemed nice and harmless enough, so I said yes.

We went to see the movie White Nights about a defected Russian ballet dancer whose plane is forced to land in Russia. It was a good "first date" movie (not boring, not sexy, not violent).

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 11.06.19 AM

Never thought I'd start with Packing Tape and end with a Russian Ballet dancer!

Begin with… a circular object Where will your memory journey take you? Add your list to the comments to be entered in our weekly drawing.