Home is where the Heart is – Thursday May 3

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Home is where the Heart is


Until a few years ago, when people asked me, "Where are you from?" I hesitated before answering. That's a good question I'd think to myself. I was born in Idaho shortly after my family moved across the border to Oregon. When I was 3-4 we lived in Eastern Washington. Then we moved to Portland, OR. When I was nine we moved from Portland to the Puget Sound area in Washington. In 9th grade I moved back to Oregon. After high-school I went to college and the pattern of moving continued. My complicated response to the question would  prompt many to ask, "Was your father in the military?"  "No." I'd reply, "We just moved a lot."


Why is my heart in Williamsburg?

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1. In 1998 Kevin and I moved to Williamsburg, VA. For the first time in my life I have lived in the same place for more than 10 years! I love living in Williamsburg and I love that I have a place to call "home."

2. The People I've gotten to know here are wonderful, amazing people. I am especially grateful to those that have been such a good influence on my children.  

3. The businesses – not every town has their own Jamestown settlement and colonial era historic districts, a theme park, a water park, and outlet malls.

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4. College Town – I love the presence of professors and college students. The campus is beautiful and it keeps a really old town feeling current.

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5. Variety – people who live in or come to visit Williamsburg are from all over the US and the world. That brings a lot of "flavor" to the community.

6. Proximity / travel options – We are an hour or less from three international airports and Amtrack comes right into town. I also love living at the midway down the east coast – I can drive to Disney World in 12 hours, Washington DC in 3 hours, and NYC in a little over 7 hours.
7. Lack of traffic issues. I enjoy the wonderful conveniences of city life; but, I really hate dealing with traffic in the city every day.

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