Out of Place – Saturday, March 31

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Out of Place

Do you ever wonder how things got where they are?


1. There's a plastic candy cane in the pencil holder on my desk – I have no idea what it is doing in there. (It really should be packed away with the Christmas tree ornaments.)

2. Inside that same pencil holder I found a ping pong ball and a measuring tape. I have no idea how those ended up in there!

3. Once I found a slice of dried up pizza sandwiched between the cushions on our couch – I was not happy!

4. A few weeks ago I went to get a drink of water and found tiny ants in my cup – a group of them decided it would be a good idea to climb into the water/ice dispenser on my refrigerator. (I am pretty sure they had regrets about that decision.)

5. I have to admit, when I am driving along the freeway and I see a shoe on the side of the road, I wonder how it got there. Was the owner of the shoe driving with their foot out the window when suddenly it (the shoe) fell off? 

6. A bird built a nest in our rain gutter – I am not sure why it thought that was a good location. It laid eggs; but, they never hatched. 

7. We purchased a used mini-van many years ago. There was a quarter stuck inside the air conditioner vent. A few years later we traded in the van for a newer mini-van. I wonder if the quarter is still in the vent or if the new owner was more clever and got it out.

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