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A Charlie Brown Holiday

I have always been a big fan of Charles Schultz and the way he captured holidays – Valentine’s Day being no exception. I suppose we have all related to that poor Charlie Brown at one time or another. Sometimes you kick the ball and sometimes Lucy snatches it and you fall on your…

My Valentine’s Day hits and misses:

1.Valentines Day in grade school was THE BEST – all the fun little cards stuffed into the boxes we decorated with hearts. (Wonderful teacher’s to make sure each child was remembered.)

2. I give Valentine’s Day in Junior high school a thumbs down. The cheer squad at our school had a “candy gram” fund raiser every year. They sold little xerox copied cards to the students and then delivered them during classes. Embarrassing!

3. I guess Valentines Day in high school wasn’t much better in my book – I can’t say I remember a single one. (But, at least there were no candy grams!)

4. College (single years) – Valentine’s Day – hummm. I hadn’t really gotten to know Kevin yet.

5. Valentine’s Day for the last 25 years – a wonderful day to focus on Kevin and how much I love him; but, even more fun since Kevin and I started doing “Valentines” for the kids.

6. Valentines Day this year – the kids and I have big plans to surprise Daddy on Valentine’s Day – it is going to be fun!