Romantic Memories

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Most Romantic Memories

Some things are obviously too personal to write on a public blog (so I’ll write those things somewhere I can save them privately) As for my shareable “most romantic memories”…

1. Our first anniversary – I got up really early to sneak out of our apartment to go to a bakery. I had ordered a wedding cake top (to look like our wedding cake) as a surprise for Kevin (we didn’t save ours.) We ate the cake for breakfast.

2. On our 5th anniversary Kevin surprised me with a wonderful dinner at the Space Needle in Seattle.

3. I came home after a trip many years ago. When I went into our bedroom, Kevin had a sign and a ton of balloons stuck to the ceiling above our bed. On the bed he left a music tape with a very romantic song (one I’d never heard before) ready for me to pop in and listen. It was a wonderful welcome home.

4. Valentine’s Day many years ago, Kevin gave me a heart shaped silver box with a note explaining its “magical” qualities. He continued to put notes and goodies in it for me to find in the months after.

5. Twenty-Fifth anniversary – A trip to NYC and tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Need I say more?

What are your most romantic memories?