This week – Friday, March 9

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


This week I:

1. Received an adorable hand delivered invitation to a baby shower.

This balloon was tied to our door.


When Cole popped it we found a really cute invitation inside.



2. Voted on Super Tuesday. (Many people in VA skipped because we only had two options.) I took Cole with me. With no lines to wait in, it was a great opportunity for him to see how the process worked. The volunteers took time to explain it all in detail. He was pretty excited about getting his own sticker.


3. Went to Cole’s first Soccer practice. (I was the only “scrapbook geek” mom there with a camera!)


4. Finally managed to get a couple of pages finished – almost!

I thought I was done. I went to my computer to double check the date – sure enough, we went to the museum in 2009! ARRRUGH!  Thankfully it is an easy fix! I just have to order a new 4 square CornerStone. 🙂

CokeMuseum2p wb


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