I “Heart” Nature- Thursday, March 8

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Nature Walks


One of my fondest memories as a young girl was taking nature walks with my mother. She seemed to know the name of every tree, every flower, every bird…

My first semester in college was a summer session. I decided to take environmental biology. It was the best (non-art) class ever! The class even included a field trip – riding horses. I was in heaven.

I "Heart" Nature…

Nature walk
1. Because it makes me feel close to my mom
(and I hope, though she is gone, taking nature walks with me will help my children to feel closer to their grandma.)

2. Because It amazes me. I am completely taken back by the design of each plant, the petals of flowers etc.

3. Because rocks have names! It is fun to get to know the world we live in.

4. Because it is thrilling to listen to birds and critters and watch them as they go about their business.

5. Because those quiet moments, surrounded by all of the amazing things He created, helps me feel closer to God.


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