Somethin’s Gone Missing! – Tuesday, March 13

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.



It's all in the past

In the past few decades we've said "Good Bye" to a lot of things:

1. Film (I fully embraced digital photography in 2003 – by the end of the year I had completely given up using my film camera.)

2. Typewriters (last time I used one was 1983 in a typing class.)

3. Vinyl Records, Cassette tapes, and VHS movies (last time I purchased a vinyl record was in middle school.)

4. Phone Booths (Freshman year in college this was my only source of communication with my mom & Dad.)

5. Hand crank car windows. (My first car had hand crank windows.)

6. The Berlin Wall – (my sister-in-law has a piece of it.)

7. Smoking in public buildings (my eyes and nose are so grateful for this.)


What's "gone missing" in your world? Add your list in the comments section to be entered in our weekly drawing.