Recipe for a Canning Memory – Friday June 1

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Summer Canning

My siblings and I dreaded blackberry season – the bushes had thorns and bees hovered everywhere around them. At my mothers insistence, we were right in the middle of them – picking the berries, and hating every minute of it. But, when it came to eating the cobbler, pie, and jam we were ready and willing!

My mom did a lot of canning over the years. The canning jobs I remember most:

1. Peaches (this was a tough job – getting off all the peels.)

2. Tomatoes (also tough – similar to the peaches.)

3. Pickles (Mom mostly packed sweet or bread and butter pickles – I didn't like them.)

4. Blackberry Jam & pie filling (hated picking the berries; but, the jam and pie filling was really good.)


Kevin and I are not big caners; but, we started making strawberry freezer jam a few years ago. (It helps me appreciate my mom's efforts.)

Strawberries - cut Strawberries - freezer jam


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