Receipe for… international travel – Friday, June 8

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International Travel

Even though I haven't traveled to Europe or Asia on a boat or in a plane, I have traveled there by cuisine. One of my favorite activities at Disney World (Epcot) is "tasting" my way around the world. Of course Disney World isn't the only place to get an exotic dish. There are many restaurants that serve international cuisines.


10 International Foods I have enjoyed:

1. Chinese – P.F. Changs is always yummy (though I have many favorite Chinese Restaurants)

2. Greek – Kevin and I used to eat at a little greek place in SLC I don't remember the name but we loved their Gyro sandwiches.

3. French – so many yummy French breads, pastries, and desserts (France is a favorite stop at Epcot).

4. Japanese – we love a good Sushi bar – but, not the raw stuff – we like the smoked salmon rolls and California Rolls.

5. British – World best Fish and Chips according to Kevin are at a nice little restaurant in Horseshoe Bay – near Vancouver, British Columbia. I've never had better, so may be he is right!

6. Moroccan – Morocco is another one of my favorite stops at Disney World and a new Moroccan restaurant just opened down the street from my house.

7. Italian – An old favorite was The Spaghetti Factory, Trolley Square, SLC, Utah. One of my new favorite Italian restaurants is Carrabbas.

8. Mexican – Aubelo's is one of my newest favorites. (We discovered them in Tulsa – so YUMMY!)

9. German – Schmidt's Restaurant and sausage haus in Columbus, Ohio. Very good food and the biggest cream puffs I've ever seen.


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10. Indian – we have a little restaurant in Williamsburg – with a buffet for lunch – called Nawab Indian Cusine. Buffets are a great way to sample a variety of dishes.


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