Mosaic Moments Scrapbooking – Jamestown

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Down the street from where I live…

there is a wonderful historical site called the Jamestown Settlement. It is one of the many historical sites in our area that we enjoy visiting when friends and family come to our town.

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When I created the page above my goal was to use all one inch squares. The Mosaic Moments (photo mosaic) technique creates a uniform look. There is not really one focal point, when viewed as a "whole" everything kind of blends together. Then, as the viewer is drawn in, they are allowed to discover interesting details as their attention flows from one area to the next.


My list of Williamsburg must sees (not necessarily in order):

  1. Colonial Williamsburg: Governor's Palace, Court House and everything else.
  2. Jamestown – Jamestown settlement, and the glass house (really cool –
    you can watch them make glass the way they did back in 1607.)
  3. For lunch – The cheese shop (located in Colonial Williamsburg/Market
    Square) has the best sandwiches in the world! (I love the hot salmon
  4. Busch Gardens – named the most beautiful theme park – don't forget
    your camera! They have several great roller coasters including the
    newest "Ver Bolten."
  5. Shopping – Market Square (colonial area) and Prime Outlets (located on 60/Richmond Road)
  6. Driving – Colonial Parkway is a definite must see it takes you from
    Jamestown, along the James River, through the Colonial Williamsburg
    area, along the York River to Yorktown (be sure to see the newly
    remodeled Yorktown waterfront area too – very pretty and cute shops.)
  7. Dinner – very difficult to narrow but one of my "local" favorites is the Whaling Company.


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