Mosaic Moments Scrapbooking – Inside-out pages

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists., Mosaic Moments™

There isn't a lot of space on an 8×8 page; so, using multiple large photos isn't really an option. One of the techniques I like to use on 8×8 Mosaic Moments pages is embedding. Embedding is a way to sort of wrap an image around another image.

Embedding is a great way to show an image of a person and a glimpse of the view (what the person is looking) at – at the same time. See the image below.

  Alexis bike 8x8wb

I used two images on this page:
Alexis bike
Alexis bike2

I used the top and bottom (of the second image) to go across the top of the 8×8 page:
Alexis bike top

and bottom of the page:
Alexis bike bottom
I used what I could from the sides – and filled in with extra squares as needed (see image below). (Kind of a cheating technique.)
Alexis bike no center

Challenge: Create a 8×8 Mosaic Moments page with a photo border (embedding technique). Post your pages on or your blog.