Leap Words on Wednesday, February 29

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists., OH MY WORD!


Creating a list of words or titles is a great way to prompt new page or journal entry ideas.


It's a LEAP YEAR – what are you doing with your "extra" day?  Seemed like a fun time to whip up some title ideas – using the word LEAP. 🙂

Phrases that use the word LEAP:

1. Take a flying LEAP! (This could be fun for trampoline photos.)
2. Playing LEAP Frog (Trip to Sweet Frog – frozen yogurt – photos of the line to fill our yogurt bowls.)
3. One small step for man. One giant LEAP for man kind. (Paije & Ryan's graduation this summer.)
4. LEAP Year (I need to make a page to celebrate our "extra day.")
5. LEAPing Leopards! (When we get tired of using cute frogs – we can switch to leopard print!)


Add your list of LEAP phrases to our comments, for a chance to win our weekly drawing.