oh my word “Lost” – Wednesday, April 18

In Life.In.Lists., OH MY WORD! by Tami Potter



What comes to mind when I think of the word LOST:

1. The time Kevin lost our new baby boy in the book store.
2. I was on an errand (it was my job) and got lost in Seattle's industrial area. I am usually really good at getting "unlost" but, in this case there was a lot of "dead stuff" involved – dead truck, dead battery, dead radio…

3. My first week of class on the large BYU campus. I got lost a lot that week. Once I thought I was at one of my classes in plenty of time – but no one was there?? then I realized I was at the wrong building and I needed to be across campus in a few minutes! I walked so much I wore the skin off of the back of my heal – from wearing shoes that were a little too big (that didn't feel good.)

4. Lost my wedding band – the part of my wedding ring that Kevin had added a little ruby to.

5.  LOST the TV series. I got lost trying to watch it (they kept changing the day & time) and I have not yet seen the last 2 seasons. 


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