I “Heart” 1990’s Television – Thursday, April 19

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I "Heart" Television (part 3 – the 90's)


15 Television shows I watched in the 90's:

Screen shot 2012-03-20 at 11.47.20 AM
image source – yahoo tv

1. Seinfeld –
will we ever forget the Soup Nazi?

2. The Pretender – Mine and Kevin's favorite show to watch together in the 90's

2. Boy Meets World

3. 7th Heaven

4. Caroline in the City

5. Dawson's Creek

6. Mad About You

7. Party of Five

8. Lois and Clark

9. The Nanny

10. Felicity

11. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

12. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

13. Early Edition

14. Wings

15. Drew Carey


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