Signs of Spring – Friday April 6

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Signs of Spring at the Potter House

1. Every spring I buy more jumbo sized pots. ( I purchase my pots at Costco/Sams Club – they are about 1/2 the price as the same size at Lowes or Home depot – but they are only available in the spring.)


2. Once Kevin has drilled a hole in the bottom, I fill the pots – I put a few rocks in the bottom for drainage and then fill with potting soil.


3. This year I decided to experiment with growing cucumbers in pots. I started the plants from seeds several weeks ago.


4. Cucumbers spread out and can take a lot of space in a traditional garden. My hope is, the cucumbers will grow up the trellis I've placed in the pots. (I'll let you know how it goes.)


5. I am always excited to see something come back that wasn't expected like this Snapdragon. (Snapdragon is considered an annual but if you let it seed it can return.)

DSC_0493 snapdragon come back

7. Another exciting development in this years garden – the presence of my daughter Alexis. She's decided she wants to grow her own flowers.

DSC_0428 Alexis

8. Cole is a great help with watering the flowers after we plant them. Of course he gets a little distracted sometimes. (After the flowers were watered he created a puddle to play in.)

DSC_0495 coles puddle

9. I take pictures of my favorite tree every spring when it is in bloom. I Have a lot of shots that look very similar to this:

DSC_0459 blossoms

What are the signs of spring at your house? Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.