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Grocery Shopping Habits

When Kevin and I were newlyweds we lived in a third floor apartment (with no elevator). The last thing we wanted to do was buy huge amounts of stuff that would have to be lugged up several flights of stairs. (The goal was to be able to carry everything up in one climb.)

There are many factors that weigh into our grocery shopping habits. Where we live, mode of transportation, the size of the refrigerator – extra freezer? What markets are available? What is grown locally? And, warehouse shopping has changed the shopping habits of many small business owner (and others)- who are introduced to "bulk" shopping. 


My Grocery Shopping habits:

1. Because we stock up on (and buy in bulk) many items, we rarely shop more than once a week.

2. We love to buy crab legs from the grocery store down the street – they cook them so they are ready to eat.

3. We buy most of our fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables from our local grocery store.

4. I don't like to buy condiments in large containers that don't fit in the refrigerator door.

5. We don't subscribe to the newspaper; so, I only use coupons at Costco (they mail them to us).

6. During strawberry & Apple seasons we like to pick our own – fresh at the local growers.

7. I love to shop in "gourmet" and speciality grocery stores like Fresh Market, Trader Joes, etc. But it is more of an occasional novelty than a routine. One of my favorite grocery stores is the Hubbell and Hudson we discovered while traveling to Houston TX area. (So wish we had one of those in our neighborhood!)

Hubbell wb

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Hubbell-open wb

8. I also love to shop in bulk. There is something about saving money and BIG containers of stuff that makes me happy. (May be it's becasue I know I am not going to have to buy it again for a long while.)

I get my bulk shopping fix with…

  • Paper & plastic Products (toilet paper, tissues, paper plates, cups, garbage bags, paper towels.)
  • Frozen Chicken & Fish.
  • Cold cereal.
  • Snacks for the kids (i.e. Goldfish crackers)
  • Shredded Cheese (I put the big bags in the freezer and thaw as needed.)
  • Chocolate chips (Can a bag of chocolate ever be too big?)



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