Driving Me Crazy! – Saturday, March 31

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter



10 Things that make me crazy:

1. Stuff that doesn't work.

2. Popcorn kernels stuck between my teeth or on the roof of my mouth.

3. TV stations that "pump up" the volume on commercials so they are louder than the scheduled program.

4. Missing parts or pieces.

5. Sales staff that lack the knowledge to help their customers (Possible Example: someone who works in a sporting good department – that doesn't know anything about the sports or equipment.)

6. Things that break the week after the warranty expires.

7. Profanity.

8. Dust – it just won't stay away from my baseboards, etc.

9. Never ending Dirty Dishes and Laundry (Why couldn't that laundry bin & sink stay empty for just a few hours!)

10. Spammers (especially the ones who leave vulgar comments and e-mails.)


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