It’s My Life – What’s in a Name? – Tuesday June 5

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It's My Life – Shakespeare claims "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!"

Kevin and I call our daughter, Alexis, by many names (Alexis, Lu, princess…) but she still wishes for another name. I can remember wishing I had another name as a child. My parents didn't even give me the option of a middle name. (Of course many people probably wish their parents had not given them their great grand mother Gertrude's name to carry on.) I suppose I should be thankful for that!

My Name…

1. In English, the name Tami means – abbreviation of thomasina and tamara. In Japanese: the name Tami means- Let people see benefit.

info via- meaning of

2. My name gave me the initials T.P. – which my sister used to tease me (TP = toilet paper).

4. My name was also the name of a famous fictitious movie character (The Tammy Movies) – which my Dad used to tease me by singing the words to a song from one of the movies: Tammy, Tammy, Tammy's in Love… (how I hated that song!)

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5. I've learned to appreciate the less ordinary spelling my Mom gave me (one m and an i) – Though I am constantly explaining/correcting the spelling – it has come in handy for e-mail, etc. (less competition for that spelling!)

6. I will admit I wasn't super excited to get the last name Potter when Kevin and I married. (After years of TP teasing, I had hoped to get a new initial for my last name.) But, I will thank JK Rowling for naming her famous character Harry POTTER – because I have a lot less problems with people writing my last name as "Porter" (now that I can say, "Like Harry Potter").


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