It’s My Life – Thought Turning Points – Tuesday July 10

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


There was a point in my life…

1. There was a day that I realized I had known Kevin for more years of my life then I hadn't known him. (That still kind of blows me away.)

2. There was a point when I discovered that Minute Rice had no nutritional value – AND that it isn't any easier to cook than regular rice.

3. There was a point when I realized there was no end to what children want and I wasn't going to be able to do everything I wanted to do for my children. But, I have been able to provide them with a "better life" than my parents had been able to give to me. (I hope they will be able to say the same.)

4. There was a point when I realized I had been married longer than my two oldest brother's – whose first marriages ended in divorce. (Being the youngest in my family – much younger then my brothers were -  I had known their first wives as long as I had known them. From my perspective, they had always been together and it was difficult to accept the change.) It was strange to suddenly feel like their marriages had not really lasted that long.

5. There was a point when I realized that adversity builds character and increases our capacity for compassion. (As wonderful as these qualities are, I still try to avoid adversity; but, I do try to ask myself what I can learn when adversity comes my way.)

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