It’s My Life – LESSONS – Tuesday May 22

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It's My Life – LESSONS

Many years ago Kevin and I were assigned the job of "Sunday teachers" to a group of 11-12 year old kids. One of the lessons we taught them (from a lesson manual) has always stood out in my mind. The lesson was called "Thought, Words, Deeds". It was about a process: how thoughts enter our minds, and if we let that thought continue to grow, or have a place in our minds, it will eventually come out in our words, and then in our actions. Years later, I found that lesson to be a great blessing in my own life.

How I've applied the lesson about "Thoughts, Words, & Deeds" in my life: 

1. I've learned to pay more attention to my thoughts.

2. When negative thoughts come to my mind, I replace them with positive thoughts. (or I work to change my thoughts by listening to something good – like uplifting music.)

3. I try to avoid entertainment (TV shows, Movies, Music, etc.) that is dark, negative, disturbing, etc.

4. When I am angry with someone that I love, I work to get rid of the anger by thinking of all the good things I can about them.

5. I try avoid people who are not a positive influence in my life.

6. I've learned that happiness is a choice I make with my own thoughts. Most days, I choose to be happy. (Other days I choose to curl up in bed with a fluffy comforter, plenty of pillows, a remote, and if possible, some chocolate.)


Was there a lesson that made a lasting impression on you? How did you applied it in your life? Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.