It’s My Life – Change of Plans – Tuesday August 7

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Change of Plans

I made plans to take a big 3 week road trip with my family this summer. It was fun to make plans for the scenic drives and pit stops we would take along our way. The ultimate goal of our trip was to see our oldest daughter and son-in-law graduate from college; however, a sudden death in our family called for a change of plans.

Things we didn't see/do:

1. See the Graduation

2. Go to Yellowstone National Park

3. Go to Zions National Park


What we did instead:

1. Spent time with Kevin's siblings and some of his nieces & nephews during the days before the funeral.

2. Saw many old friends and met many new friends.

3. Ate a lot of good home cooked comfort food.

4. Gave and received LOTS of hugs.

5. Went on a shorter Road Trip to Missouri & Illinois.

6. Spent two nights in a Castle.



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